Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blessed Silence

Today my leaky, runny bathtub faucet was fixed. $18 in materials and about an hour's time-- no, not by me. Now when I'm in that bathroom, it's quiet as a tomb. I don't think we realize how much stress something causes until it's gone.

Have you ever sat in a room and then the air conditioning or a refrigeration unit shuts off and it's like you can breathe again? You didn't realize how loud that noise was until it was gone.

With the bathroom, it wasn't just the gurgly steady drip, but the stress the noise caused, reminding me constantly I need to do something about it.

So now it's fixed. And I found my checkbook (finally) which had slipped out of the top of the drawer, to a space underneath a drawer so I couldn't find it until, in desperation, I pulled the drawer out. I had been reduced to looking in ridiculous places like the clothes hamper. The checkbook never leaves my apartment so unless someone snuck in, stole it, and did nothing with the checks or I accidentally threw it away -- both choices seemed really unlikely, I knew it had to be here somewhere, and it was.

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