Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Business Travel - Day Two

Let's talk about hotel amenities. I like the ones here. I think because it's a convention center where people are likely to stay two or three nights that you get bigger bottles.

So here you get the typical shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. I don't like combined shampoo/conditioner as some hotels try to foist off on you -- I feel that when it's combined, it can't do a good job on either cleaning or conditioning.

You can see how much shampoo I used -- and it's great not to be forced to squeeze every last drop out of the bottle and hope they leave you more. I also like the bigger bars of soap. Who's old enough to remember when motels had their own little bars of soap with the hotel names on them? [Just checked ebay and sure enough, one little bar from the Deauville Hotel in Atlantic City is selling for $10.]

And, yes, I do take the leftover home with me. Old habit. If I get room service, I also take the little jars of jelly home with me because it's good stuff. Not so with the ketchup. Sometimes with the mustard.

Today was fine. A fairly new hire at one of my clients -- someone who I talked to on the phone daily but never met in person -- well, we met today and she said she had a present for me. I did not take it literally -- thought she was going to dump work on me, but it was a present and it turned out to be this very pretty little metal bookmark. I am always so sincerely grateful for a little gift like that -- it's so lovely to think that someone made that effort.

Now back in my room, someone kept knocking on the door, and I kept ignoring it until it was clear the person was not going away. Well, it was a waiter with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries that came with this very nice note from the association people -- the people I'm working for this week, thanking me for my work on their behalf.

Living alone and working alone, I have to say I love being spoiled like this.

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