Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Central Florida - Day 8 of 10

I've come to this air show for more than 25 years -- the one thing I do enjoy about it is the Spanish Moss. The airport has lots of old trees just dripping with the stuff. Some years I've taken the dry cleaning bag from the hotel and stuffed it with Spanish Moss to bring home for my own garden. In New York, a fist-sized bag of Spanish Moss is five dollars.

This area of Central Florida is still very rural. Lots of agriculture, including strawberry farms. Loads of roadside stands selling strawberries now -- ranging from a little farm stand to a guy selling out of the back of his station wagon. The going price seems to be $4.99 for a flat -- I think that would be six to eight pints -- great price, but I've never attempted to bring some home.

On the way to the airport today I saw a truck full of oranges and you see orange groves here too. It sounds prettier than it is -- it's sort of sandy soil, small farms and homes.

Everything went well today, but tomorrow I have my press breakfast. It's set up by 7 am, but I'm meeting my client at 6:45 which means I'll be up before 6. I can be a morning person, but I prefer not to be. Of course, I'll do the whole "did I oversleep?" drama all night long.

I really trust this caterer -- it turned out to be someone I grew up with who I had not seen since high school. He went to college in Florida and stayed. So in addition to being an old, old friend, he is also the best caterer I have ever worked with. I was talking to his business partner today and kidding him about getting to bed early so he doesn't oversleep, and he said "That won't happen. I'll sleep in the store if I have to." Which is great. There's nothing like the sight of your catering truck pulling up to the venue.

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