Sunday, April 11, 2010

Signs, Signs -- p.s. to Day Six

I have to confess to a fascination for signs. Always stop to read them. Always stop to ponder them. This one is from lunch at the drive-thru at Wendy's, and it essentially makes no sense.

What Wendy's is saying is you don't get tomatoes unless you ask for them. So no apology is required. If you don't like tomatoes, you're saved from having to pick them off. If you do like tomatoes, you're still getting them.

I hadn't noticed in New York the tomato shortage, but I haven't priced any in the grocery store either.

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BJ and/or Lori Nicholls said...

I think the key here is the what you consider a "tomato" — I wonder if Florida residents are used to something other than the resilient, flavorless, pinkish slices that most of the rest of the country gets on their burgers. What may be missing here are quotation marks around tomato.