Sunday, May 30, 2010

Peaceful Holiday Weekend

It sounds like sour grapes, but there is something to be said about not having a fancy beach house to go to over a long summer weekend. The city is really so peaceful with many of its residents gone.

I don't think a parking space on my block goes unclaimed ever -- typically the new car is waiting as the old car maneuvers its way out. I noticed coming back from dinner tonight that there were three empty spaces right around my building.

To get to this restaurant tonight, I take a short cut through a parking garage and it held about half the cars it normally does. When I crossed the street to the restaurant, always in the middle of the block, I usually have to time my crossing, but tonight I didn't even have to wait -- that's how light traffic was. It's quieter and people are calmer and it's just a nice break from the usual hub-bubs

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Stephanie said...

And, the food was yummy!