Monday, September 13, 2010

Are You Nuts?

I had my hair cut yesterday (thank you, Stephanie!) and I mentioned it to a client this morning who asked me what I did over the weekend, and he had gotten his hair cut as well. I said by way of conversation, that I love the feeling of my hair being cut. I guess "feel" isn't the word, but the sensation of it.

He said he hates having his hair cut and says that at the place he goes they put oil in your hair and massage it in, prior to washing it, and he tells them to skip that step.

Are you nuts?

I am a total slut when it comes to any kind of massage, would never skip it. In fact, once I was in a Korean manicure place and there was this Korean man there and the women told me he did "special Korean head massage" -- well, heck, how could I say no to that? It was something like ten dollars for ten minutes, and this Korean man actually massaged just my head for ten minutes. It was amazing. I think it made me smarter -- all that blood flowing around my brain!

Of course, when he was finished, my hair looked like my head had been in a combination blender/wind tunnel but I loved the special Korean head massage. He was only in there that manicure place that one time so I never had it again.