Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Again, Safe and Sound

I had one busy week at my client, and then doing work on behalf of other clients at night. So I left around 3pm on Friday and got to my hotel at about 8pm. Last time I made this trip, I stayed in a dumpy but functional Econolodge for something like $45, and this time, same town, I doubled it and stayed at the Ramada, which definitely was not worth the upgrade. It was not worth double.

It's just an old property as you can see below -- seemed like a lot of locals partying as well as transient construction workers sitting outside drinking beer. I was assigned a smoking room by mistake and I was parked far away from the front desk and just didn't feel like going back and lugging my stuff back to the car. I will say that the pillowcases and sheets were impeccably clean -- looked like they had been ironed even.

Here's my circa 1964 hotel.

Left this morning around 9 and just did a leisurely trip. It was gorgeous day.

Stopped a few times, had to wait a long time to get gas on the last rest stop in NJ to fill the rental car up. Then there was very heavy traffic coming across the George Washington Bridge and I made the mistake of believing a sign that said the onramp to the highway I needed was closed (it wasn't) and I ended up totally and I mean totally lost in the Bronx.

Finally kept asking directions and made my way back, returned the car and all is well. It will be great to sleep in my own bed tonight! There's no place like home.

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