Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road Trip Day Two

This is the view from my hotel window. Second floor overlooking the Holiday Inn next door and a shopping mall.

Had a nice drive here today, through the cool of the Pennsylvania mountains where the leaves were just beginning to turn, right smack back into summer in Cincinnati where it was in the low 90s today. I listened to a complete audio book that held my attention for two days. Near the end, I was ready for it to be over, and it got to be a joke -- that it would be the narrator announcing "Chapter 75" and I'd think how the hell many chapters are there? I think it was over 90. Not great literature, but a mindless passtime.

Two bonehead moves of mine:

1. I forgot a comb. You'd think I'd keep an extra in the toiletry bag, but I don't. I will from now on. I heard the maid outside my door and I stuck my head out and asked her if she had one on her cart. Actually since my hair is so short, I was able to comb it with my fingers and sort of fluff it into style. She didn't have one, but unasked by me, she went to the lobby and got me one. Which I appreciated.

2. When I stopped today in a rest area on the way here, the handwashing sinks were freestanding -- no counters -- and my purse kept falling forward when I would try to wash my hands and so I realized the one sink was totally dry so I plopped my purse in the (dry) sink which activated the water to be turned on so I got a second or so of water right inside my open purse. Camera, phone, wallet, etc. but everything was OK luckily.

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stefortiz said...

Was that a testimony to me about being able to fluff your hair with your fingers? Do I have to buy you a comb girl? Ha ha....