Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Best Part of Thursdays

I am lucky enough to have a cleaning woman come weekly, on Thursdays, at which time I vacate the premises, grab some magazines or a book, and go out and have a leisurely lunch. It's my big lunch out for the week.

As I walk back home, and here's how my block looked today around 2:30 this afternoon...

I start thinking about how lovely it is to come home to a clean apartment. About 15 feet away from my front door, I smell this wonderful clean, soapy smell. I open the front door and the floors gleam, but the best part is the smell. Not a fake pine scent or rasberry potpourri, but just an old-fashioned clean smell.

Sadly, it's like new car smell and dissipates quickly, but I do enjoy that moment. So here's my living room all clean:

And here's my kitchen. Yes, it's that small. I always laugh when I watch House Hunters, for example, on HGTV and the people stand in a kitchen bigger than my living room and pronounce the kitchen as "sort of small."

You want to know small? Come to New York where a status symbol is having a kitchen with a window in it. Maybe in my next life...


fran of DC sunsets and trees said...

Love that squeaky clean smell, look and feel you describe so well. Aahhhh. Remember the smell of a freshly laundered, starched shirt? Having lived in a NYC studio for 20 years-- aka the incredible shrinking apartment--I know the meaning of New York "small" An alcove could best describe where the stove, sink, fridge were positioned. The alcove and its contents could fit on the lower shelf of Emiril's refrigerator.
Your apt looks great.

Pat said...

I also like the smell of bleach -- quite often I take a sniff when I'm doing laundry. One of my favorite smells is fresh dill. My grandmother used to have this giant dill plant for when she did her own pickles and when I was little, it was as big as me and I remember standing face first in the plant and you got the double pleasure of the soft, tickly dill and the great smell of it.

Melissa said...

Humm.. what does your cleaning lady use that creates the clean smell... is it Mr. Clean or what??? Something she uses must smell fresh.
I haven't found a cleaning lady yet, but I'm lookin'. You're apt might be small, but its very comfy :)... and a great place for a halloween party.