Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Bullying is a hot topic these days and I had heard something on tv about adults being bullied in the workplace. I thought I was long past the age, and long past the temperament of being bullied -- that is until last week.

I had called a company whose website I was having difficulty with. The person I talked to was curt -- and told me that my AOL email said a lot about my difficulty (meaning AOL users are stupid) and said AOL brands me as a "rank amateur." Really? Unfortunately I was acting on behalf of a client so I couldn't tell the guy to go eff himself.

I have to say that even though his words were preposterous, it still stung. He sort of backed off by the end of the conversation as I didn't rise to his bait and he told me that I am "probably a nice lady."

And I thought later that this guy is a bully. Had never thought of it that way before.

Now, today, I wrote an email to someone I don't know and got the nastiest email in response, as if I were some scam artist. Really aggressive. So I responded, opening my email with Wow! and then re-explaining why I was contacting him in a calm way. This is someone in the aviation industry who didn't know me. After my explanation, he replied in an equally calm way and so I dropped it.

Another bully is our midst. I can't imagine going from zero to 60 in one second like these guys did. I am not some delicate flower, but I am not used to be talked to/written to in succh a nasty way.

I don't really have a point to all this, other than now knowing that bullying is not just something that happens on the playground.


Amy Laboda said...

You got that right.

Lachlan said...

That's definitely something to think about, hmm...the daily adult-bullying that goes on all around us. Our postmodern culture has lost, sometimes it really seems, almost all of its basic manners both obvious and less so...

Thanks for a great post to ponder!