Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fran's Autumn Photos

Compliments of Fran, here are two photos from her walk. In this first one, Fran says, "Ever notice how leaves make an imprint on concrete after a rain? Kinda like Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Something charming about how they leave a mark of their existence. Taken with phone today on Connecticut Avenue."

Another image: All the flamboyant DC trees have succumbed to winter's call. Mounds of dried leaves everywhere...
To which Mary added: It's amazing to see the vacuum truck suck the leaves up - first workers with rakes pull them all into the street. They don't want us to put them in the street because they'll clog up the storm drains.

I had forgotten about Grauman's Chinese Theater -- reminded me, though, of an I Love Lucy episode when the Ricardos and the Mertzes were in Hollywood and Lucy and Ethel try to pry out some star's footprints. I don't know if there's still room for current stars, but here is how it looks:

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