Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mary's Christmas Cactus Rushes the Season

I have this theory that every so often, mostly by accident, plants (whether indoors or out) find the perfect spot for themselves. This is Mary's Christmas Cactus, and not to take anything away from Mary's green thumb, but I do not think she followed the often complex directions for having a cactus rebloom, but it is beautiful.

I've heard on the news yesterday that this year retailers are not waiting for so-called Black Friday/Cyber Monday for Christmas sales and are trying to get people to buy NOW so Mary's cactus is right there with this early trend.


Lachlan said...

Love the plant and yes, retail's really rushing the holiday spending season this year that's for sure...

One thing I've noticed is how some Autumn color pairings fit quite nicely on into the holiday season but aren't the-expected, the-usual like putting Burgundy/Red/Pink together. Just posted on my blog about this...such fun n' so festive :)

Best to you from here!

Melissa said...

I would send you a picture of my Christmas Cactus.. but it has definintely not found it's perfect spot yet!