Sunday, January 9, 2011

"For Your Convenience"

This is my complaint for the week --well, it's actually ongoing. My complaint is when companies change things for their benefit and then want us to believe it's "for your convenience."

I couldn't find my mortgage invoice this week, until I realized the invoice had been redesigned for your convenience so I didn't recognize the envelope and wasted time searching for it.

Then I grabbed at (what I thought was) a half-gallon of orange juice. I can't get real excited about pulp, light pulp, heart healthy, calcium pulp no high pulp low makes my head spin. When I had the container in my hand, it felt funny and looked odd, and then I noticed that it's actually 59 ounces of juice, not 64, not a half gallon. When I was pouring some this morning, I noticed that the 59 ounce size is for your convenience because it's now an "easy pour size"! Wow. Had anyone really ever complained about a half gallon of juice being too unwieldy?? You know they start out charging slightly less for 59 ounces vs 64 ounces but then the 59 ounce price will creep up too.

And while I'm complaining, why is my favorite bra model always being discontinued? And I still haven't forgiven The Body Shop for discontinuing this soap that made me feel as if I were showering outside on the beach. It was such a great ocean smell. I remember the clerk at The Body Shop selling me a few extra bars from her personal stash. She said customers couldn't believe it was being discontinued. I will sniff and smell every beauty product that's either blue or called anything marine- or ocean-oriented just to recapture that smell -- with no success. I loved that damn soap.

Furthermore, do I really need daily emails from retailers? Am I impressed that I know about "secret sales" before the great unwashed? I go on these unsubbing rampages, but like lopped off starfish legs, the emails just grow back.

Hagen Dasz is no longer a pint, but rather 14 ounces. I complained at the grocery store that they still refer to it on the receipt as a pint, when it's not, and they looked at me like I was the old crazy lady which I am probably morphing into as we speak.


Anonymous said...

This past week there were articles in the newspaper and on TV about shrinking food and drink items while the prices rise. This is our future....unfortunately!

Melissa said...

And Andy Rooney did his segment on shrinking goods on 60 minutes a week or so ago! He was irked by it too!!