Monday, April 25, 2011

And now here's Macho....

I happened to have these photos of Stephanie's cat named Macho on my computer. Of course, Mother Cat Stephanie wants everyone to know these are not good photos of Macho, that he's actually much cuter than these. She also adds, "He weighs 20 pounds and is one big baby not a macho as his name suggests."

When I've been to Mary's, Milo loves sitting on my suitcase like this as well.

And here he is guarding the Easter candy -- this was from a year ago at Easter:


Mary Mc said...

I love the guard cat!

angelina and Valentino said...

Hi Macho --

What a handsome fellow you are -- I (Angelina) have a crush on you and hope we can meet and eat the well-guarded candy. My brother Valentino would like to join us and bring a date. Let me know when you're free.-- A

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelina,

I think you are a good-looker. I would love to take you to dinner and have a gourmet can of cat food! Of course you can bring your brother and his date. I am sorry to say, I ate all the candy. I think we should invite Milo too. We can have one big party.

Thank you Pat for the introduction. You could be a cat matchmaker.


Pat said...

Maybe I'll have better luck matching cats than my own love life! Actually I was thinking that these cats together would make a great book since they are so different!

Barbara said...

I also like Macho mucho.