Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring... continued

This gives you a good idea of Mary's front yard -- It looks fantastic!

She writes:

I don't think you can see how bright the garden is because the day started off dreary this morning, but the big yellow tulips in the back are now in full bloom - they kind of are mixed in with the daffodils in the first picture.

About this second picture, she says: The second picture is a close up of the red bud tree in the middle of the daffodils -- it's so amazing the way the buds emerge directly from the trunk and branches of the tree! The bark isn't really so white, that's just the result of the flash going off so close to the wood. 85 degrees yesterday, today it's in the low 50s. Tomorrow -- let's not think about that.

In New York, we had a lovely day on Monday, but today it was rainy and cold and tonight cold with thunderstorms. No spring here.

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