Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tornado Video

When I was in Florida, it was for a big air show, and a tornado went through the grounds of the show. I hadn't looked at any videos until someone told me that there is one taken from the Media Headquarters where I'm based during the show. This is where I did my media breakfast for one client and media lunch for another. I rented those round tables and white plastic chairs. I also had blue checked tablecloths which I guess they took up.

While this was going on, I was already at Tampa Airport thinking I would be coming home any time soon. No wonder the flight was so delayed.

One thing that people who were there spoke of is the noise. I have heard other people say that about tornados and you get a sense of it here. What's funny (but not in a ha ha way) is that we originally were going to have this lunch on Thursday (the day of the tornado) and decided to change it to Wednesday where it was mild and sunny. This tornado hit at 11:30 when the press briefing started in a tent, followed by lunch on these tables and chairs. This is filmed from the back porch of the Media Headquarters.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! That is so scary....do I really want to live in Florida?