Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Nine... Homeward Bound

I'm headed east today, but first some unfinished business from Fond du Lac ( the town near Oshkosh where I was staying ) -- this is Gilles, the drive in restaurant where they offered the Dusty Road Sundae. Doesn't it look like something out of another era?

I left about 8:45 and now I'm just east of Toledo.  This is the first leg, heading down to Milwaukee...

Then it was Milwaukee to Chicago and then east to Indiana where this was taken. It was for the most part a really beautiful day.

My new favorite places are these truck stops/travel centers where you can get gas, of course... oh wait, that reminds me of something funny this morning. I was at the gas pump first thing before I left and I really wasn't paying attention, had swiped my credit card when the voice of God appeared... Lady at Pump #5 the voice boomed, coming from somewhere above me... I looked around and saw I was the only lady in the vicinity. The voice pointed out to me, helpfully, that I was at a diesel pump. Whoops. Hadn't even noticed. I don't think I could have put diesel in my car as I believe the hose nozzle is a different size, but I sure felt stupid!

I stopped at this place, not knowing I was at the crossroads of America, as the door says and this was like a giant 7-11 and fireworks superstore. I used their restroom, bought some gum and headed back to the highway, not stopping for the gun show. Wow. We New Yorkers don't often see signs for gun shows.

I spent way too much time researching hotels, but I found a great deal. I'm at a Super 8 which are usually dumps, but this one got good online reviews. Not exactly a room with a view, but I like being able to pull right up to my room. The room is old, dated, but it is very clean, even smells clean. Big King size bed, new fixtures in the bathroom, semi-fluffy towels... and all this for the bargain price of $45!


Anonymous said...

The only thing I could see in a store is Ovaltine malt powder. Is this remotely close?


Mary Mc said...

I've done that with diesel before - I think I actually went inside because I couldn't get the nozzle in. It is embarrassing, but I figure we entertain the people in the store.

Pat said...

Steph -- I don't think ovaltine is what we want. I'll check around.