Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tipping Dilemmas

I have written articles about tipping and read articles about tipping, but the matter still plagues me from time to time. This week, Fran emailed me to ask if she should tip the cable guy. I said no, unless he does something amazing. By that I meant, sneak her HBO for free or something equally great.

Today I was out at my weekly Thursday lunch to the place I go every week. Because I am a "regular," I feel as if I need to be a generous tipper, but I also feel that the sole bartender/server in the place at lunchtime takes great care of me.

For example, today I ordered soup, sandwich and a soda. He comped me the sandwich and soda so I got a bill for $6. (Ok, it was French onion soup!) So what do I tip? I had read you're supposed to tip as if it's the full amount if you use a coupon, get comped, etc. But that would be a tip almost as big as the bill. Well, that's what I ended up doing. Left $12 total which is still less than if I had paid for the whole lunch and then tipped.

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