Friday, July 22, 2011

Trip Report: Day 1 of 11

When I woke up and turned on the television, the first words I heard were, "This is probably the hottest day you will ever wake up in in New York City." And I thought oh man.

I had slept with my upstairs and downstairs air conditioners on because I didn't want to leave my apartment all sweaty. When I opened my front door, it hit me. It was like a steam bath with heat lamps on. I got a cab with a driver from the Ivory Coast and I asked him if he is used to this weather and he snapped at me that it isn't this hot in the Ivory Coast -- oh yeah, it was hotter and more humid than equatorial Africa. He did say that they get nice ocean breezes in the Ivory Coast. No cooling breezes this morning.

Anyway, off I went -- listened to two different books on CD. I did get a car with Sirius, but no service, so again, I just called the 888-number. Once again, I got incredible customer service. This time, the guy didn't comp me like last time, but he opened an account and told me he could charge me for a minimum of two weeks and then I should cancel my account when I return the car. The big price? Ten dollars and nine cents -- and I splurged and got the "premium" plan. So I enjoyed that alot.

Nine-tenths of my driving was just west on Interstate 80 which I take from the George Washington Bridge to Chicago. Once out of metro New Jersey, it really is pretty as these one-handed 70 mph photos indicate...

I'm right near the PA/OH border. Here's the view from my room. That's not my hotel I see; it's the Super 8 next door.

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