Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blessing Others with Shoes and Glasses

Here are two websites along with descriptions (cut and pasted) I have just learned about. I don't have any glasses, but I do have shoes that have been collecting dust. When I went to the shoe website and put in my zip code, I saw there was a donation center just around the corner:

The first is Here you can donate new or slightly used shoes. They will be repaired and passed on to people who do not have good shoes. This includes people who have no shoes just getting a basic pair of tennis shoes, but also they take dressy shoes and give them to people who can't afford nice shoes to go on job interviews, etc. They take sandals, slippers, anything that goes on your foot because different people need different shoes. I asked at my local donation center and they also take slippers to donate to nursing homes and hospitals. So, if you have shoes to donate, check out the website to find your local drop off point .

Second is which collects used eyeglasses. I am very good about taking care of things I use, so my eyeglasses, for the most part, are in good condition. Onesight collects used eyeglasses, repairs and cleans them, then gives them to people who can't afford eye glasses, but have the same prescription. They have to do a bit more work because they have to match those in need with the available donated glasses, so every pair helps. OneSight is partnered with LensCrafters so you can usually go to your nearest LensCrafters to turn in old glasses, but you can also look on the website for donation sites .

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Mary Mc said...

When I bought my glasses this week at Lenscrafters, I saw the donation box. I wished I had some old glasses.