Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Photos

Leaving my client in Cincinnati and heading North to Columbus. Beautiful day driving through farm country.

This is a barn with Ohio decorating it.

So I've mentioned how much I like these truck stops because you can park right out front and get to the restroom quickly. This one was fairly hardcore; I think I was the only one in the place without a tattoo. Women included. It's the kind of place where truckers take showers... can you imagine that? I was thinking if I had to take a shower there, I'd leave my shoes on. Hell, I'd want to leave my clothes on! I wonder if they give you a towel. Anyway, this was a display of those shirts that look as if you've cut the sleeves off, but these had pre-cut sleeves. I did not buy myself one. However I did make a purchase -- Ok, I bought an ice cream cone, but I also bought a phone charger that plugs into the cigaret lighter. I had left my phone on overnight and so the battery was almost gone. These chargers had the plug in part outside of the packaging so you could actually test it on your phone to see if you had the right shape/size outlet plug prior to buying it which I did.. For $14.95 (what a deal), I now have a car phone charger. I was so thrilled when it worked.

This is Columbus to Wheeling, heading East.

Home Sweet Home for tonight. $74 which is a bit steep in my quest for cheap hotel rooms which won't give me bedbugs, but it's nice. Same format as other Red Roof Inns. Friendly lady at the check in.

And look what's next door -- a solution to my high dental bills! I'll tell you: its tempting.

And here's the place... looks nice and professional and clean but I have to say that "Affordable Dentures" is a weird name for a dental office. I don't think I'd want to work here. People getting their meth teeth yanked out. Yikes.

So moving further East tomorrow, and yes, I will be careful. I think the plan is the same -- drive to Allentown, Pa and spend the night and come in around noon on Sunday. I'll see how it goes, and yes, yes, again, I will be careful. I won't do anything stupid. I'll stay put if necessary. I have credit cards, and got $300 in cash this afternoon just in case the ATMs went down. Stay tuned.


Melissa said...

So far so good... I don't know where Allentown is.. But it is sounding pretty bad for Manhatten on Sunday. Sounds like you're well prepared to stay put if need be.

Anonymous said...

Good girl! You have more than 2 mothers out here. We are all worried about you and want you to be safe. They expect the worse part of Irene to hit N.Y. and the surrounding areas around 2 or 3 am Sunday morning. Danny just put this hideous silver tape around the 2 screens. I told him that if the screens blow out it wouldn't matter as there would not be any in the streets to fall on. I have an idea, if you stay a day longer, try out the affordable denture place...ha ha ha! Actually, they are evacuating parts of lower Manhattan.

I will see you soon and if you are nice, I might even show you my new tattoos!


Fran said...

We believe you, Pat. You have no tattoos. That's your story and you are sticking to it.

Your D.C. mom applauds your decision to execute a missed approach to NYC. Wise decision--and one that will give you time to get those affordable dentures (I wrote down the number. Very appealing)

Stay safe - Fran