Monday, August 22, 2011

Greetings from Somerset, PA

Nothing in particular happened to me today that was that interesting. The most drama was in the rental car place which was totally overbooked, full of foreign (or should I say "international"?) tourists. I knew I was in for a long wait when these two Russian guys were explaining the Russian driver's license to the Hispanic clerk. Meanwhile, this very important (in his mind) business guy comes in in a huff, his car had a problem and where is the Express line? the clerk answered, without missing a beat, "at the airport" -- so he says, "But I'm an Express customer, what should I do?" and she said, "You wait in line."

Actually I liked that answer since it wasn't directed to me. Somehow I became the de facto monitor of who was next... and no, I wasn't trying to organize it, really. But when there's a crowd milling (this is a tiny office) and someone says, "Who's at the end of the line?" I always answer while other people just stare. Maybe I should learn to do that. Then they ran out of printing paper; of course, there was only one clerk working and so I waited just over 45 minutes and all they had were SUVs.

I didn't want that because of the gas, but I had no choice. Well, this is more of a mini SUV -- it's a Ford Escape and I got here on one tank of gas, same as a regular car. Actually I like the car: nice and roomy and the Sirius Radio was already turned on -- will be interesting to see how many days I get from it.

The guy who works in the garage and gets the cars knows me and always gives me this winky-wink and says something like "don't worry" or "I know you" (meaning I'll take care of you) and it made me think that I believe my friends in low places have helped me in life way more than my friends in high places have.

It was a beautiful day -- I alternated air conditioning with having the windows open but even though I like the fresh air, and actually prefer it to AC, I can't take the wind... how did we old folks ever do unairconditioned cars when we were younger?

Barbara told me my road pictures are boring so I didn't take any today. I could just repeat the ones I've done before and you'd never know. And I can't say I found anything particularly interesting to photograph.

On to Ohio.

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Barbara said...

I'm sorry - I don't think your pictures are boring at all! My comment was only that the entire state of Pennsylvania seemed the same!