Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home at last!

Heading home; this is the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The skies look more ominous than it was. No rain; the roads were dry.

I swear I have never not been excited to see Manhattan again when returning from a trip. It's like being home to see the skyline, which you can barely see in this photo. Look on the left side, on the approach to the bridge. This is Manhattan from the New Jersey Turnpike.

Here's a better view of Manhattan in the distance. I think it's taken these ten years to look at the Skyline and see the missing World Trade Center. I was thinking of that on this trip when I was coming over the George Washington Bridge on my way to Ohio. If you look right, the Hudson River and the palisades are so beautiful and so timeless. If you look to the left, you see Manhattan. I remember crossing the bridge in Octobert 2011 and looking to the left and just crying because there was a blank space where the World Trade Center was supposed to be. It was like seeing a good friend with a tooth missing in the front.

This is approaching the Lincoln Tunnel. You will never see it this uncrowded. Normally it is bumper to bumper inching (literally) along. This was amazing and unexpected.

Back in Manhattan where there was a stop to the buses and subways so there were loads of pedestrians, much more than normal, and it was weird to not see city buses.

Here is my cab driver carrying my suitcase up the steps of my building. It's well worth a hefty tip to not drag that thing up myself.

There's no place like home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates and the photos!


Barbara said...

Welcome home!