Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Balloon Time in Albuquerque

It's the week of the annual Albuquerque Balloon Festival. A friend sent me this photo that she took leaving her house today -- this is the view from her front door:

I was just thinking how much camera phones/digital cameras have changed how we interact with each other. In the olden days of film, this woman might have taken the photo, but a week later, it would have lost the impact of what she saw from her front door. It's a way we can feel we're part of each other's lives and share it with our friends.

So here are some other photos another friend (Ok, both are actually clients) sent me. This is what he saw on the way to work today. We were actually on the phone at the time talking about work, and he said, "I just sent you a photo." It really is a new world of sharing!

This is one he took Saturday at the Festival.

This is a press photo which they call "Mass Ascension" and this year, there was a new world's record  of how many balloons ascended at once.


Mary Mc said...

that really looks like fun

Melissa said...

Wow! Brings back memories.. I was able to go one year and Will Cutter took me up... I count it as one of the cool things I've done in my life in aviation! It really is a beatiful sight!