Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloweeen Eve

Fran saw this ghost today on Fesseden Street NW. Looks like a child ghost to me.

Of course I'm in my glory these days with all the ghost shows on for Halloween. On Friday I was talking to my friend James who is a great skeptic -- airline pilot, hunter, Southern gentleman. He had told me previously about being out hunting in the wilds of South Carolina where he lives and he came upon this old cemetery, which he thought was a slave cemetery, that totally creeped him out. He said he wouldn't go back in the area. On Friday I told him there was a similar story on one of my ghost shows -- same scenario of a hunter coming upon a cemetery in the woods where weird things ensued.

James then told me about being out hunting in the early morning when it is still dark -- and how from time to time, out in the woods, with no houses nearby, and he'll hear a blood curdling scream from a woman. He'd never told me that before. I asked him if it were one long SCREEEEEEEEEAM or repeated screamscreamscreamscream. He said it was repeated, and then I asked him how long it goes on for. And he said about a minute, which is longer than I thought. He then went on to say how it scares the hell out of him. What do you do when it's happening? I asked. He said he just waits for it to be over.

He then went on to tell me that he grew up in the woods hunting and knows all the sounds various animals make. Once he finally fessed up and told his father about the scream, and his father said he'd heard it too. I don't know what I believe, despite my watching all the various paranormal shows, but most folks would have to admit that there are lots of stuff that happens for which there is no explanation. No rational explanation anyway.

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