Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Thursday Pizza Day!

I noticed this sign walking to lunch and I thought what an odd way to describe a manicure, until one split second later when I realized this was a pet-grooming place.

This is the delivery bike for Gotham Pizza, custom designed to carry a flat pizza box. Very clever, I thought.

I was impressed by how clean the kitchen is, as my two slices heated up.

At first I was the only one there, and I sat by the window.

Here's lunch. Two slices of plain pizza, heated piping hot. I'd rate this pizza a 7.5 on a 1 to 10. Along with a soda, my lunch tab today was $7.00.

This is the intersection of 87th Street and First Avenue. If this guy turned left on the corner, he'd be on my block. As you can see, it was a gray day, not rainy, but occasionally misty. I noticed how much the leaves had changed just in the past week.


More customers came in, including this woman whose t-shirt promoted free flu shots.

As I was just about ready to leave, school had let out and a bunch of mothers and kids came in. This one boy, about 4 or 5, was seated near me while his mother went to the counter. He said something to me in this shy way, and I didn't hear/understand him and I asked him to say it again. He was telling me he just bought his Halloween costume, and he started to take it out of the bag to show me. I could sort of see the photo on the front and I said, "Are you going to be a ninja?"

His shoulders slumped, and he could barely disguise his impatience with how thick I am that of course it wasn't a Ninja, it was a Star Wars something. "Oh Star Wars!" I said. "Very cool." He was so proud of that costume. I kept saying "very cool" trying to redeem myself. He really was sweet.

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Anonymous said...

It looks so nice and clean inside. I will have to give it a try!