Friday, October 14, 2011

Lunch with Barbara Day

Today was my monthly lunch with Barbara, over to the West Side, back to Jackson Hole for scrambled eggs, etc. But of course I documented my trip, not the food this time...

I'm not sure why, but I always liked the fall look of leaves stuck to cars and wet leaves on the sidewalk. It was raining hard last night --- this is along Fifth Avenue.

Fall comes to my block. Just in this past week, the leaves have really begun to turn.

This is 85th and Columbus where the restaurant is. Columbus Avenue has recently added a complete bike lane. You can see the divider where the man is standing on the right... so that first lane is just for bikes.

This is Jackson Hole, amidst scaffolding where we get our monthly dose of scrambled eggs. When Barbara returned from the restroom, she noticed a woman with a grilled cheese sandwich which she said looked awfully good so next month we may have to make the switch. We still don't want the hamburgers. They are just so big and thick, but not in a good way. I said to her today I can see why people want to be vegetarians when I look at those hamburgers.

One of the great things of city life (any city) is its unique architecture. This is a building I don't think I ever really noticed on Central Park West, with beautiful art deco architecture.

This is a modern playground across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, nothing traditional like swings or see-saws -- just lots of intriguing looking climbing things.

Fall means mum time (I don't think I could spell -- I'll try -- chrysanthemum??) and they're all over.

Every cab now has this screen blaring out crappy content of stupid advertorial and I routinely turn it off just on principle. Below it is the air conditioner controls. Used to be the driver would have the A/C on, but with the plastic divider between the front and back seat, you'd die from heat stroke in the back seat because the driver would yell at you for opening a window --so the law got changed and now passengers actually get their own A/C with controls.

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Mary Mc said...

Your picture of the parked cars struck me because of how close they were together. I hate getting parked in like that.