Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Report from South Africa

Amy is vacationing in South Africa and she has just now sent me an email whose subject line is "Knowing how much you like photos of hotels..."

she continues:

I'm sending you a peek into a really nice one we stayed in last night. The African Oceans in Mossel Bay. Tonight we are in the Hide Away on the bay in Knysna, and though it's one star less, it is still quite nice (just traffic sounds instead of beach sounds, but I don't think that matters once you're asleep).

What nice people is my general impression of the country. Oh, and one little tip. Book where it looks like there are several rooms open (late booking) and then book the lowest category. So far all of the inns and hotels I've done that with have upgraded us to a nicer room for no charge : )

The only disappointment on the trip was that the weather didn't let us go soaring last weekend. But camping out at the airport was still fun, and we learned a lot about how aviation happens over here, so, all good in the end. Talk to you when I get back.

Me again: And here are the photos. I am envious. It calms me just to look at these.

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