Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Macho Arrives Safely In Florida (Stephanie and Danny, too)

Just checked in with Stephanie and all went well yesterday. Macho was not weighed at the counter. The TSA inspector asked how much he weighed, however, and they said 16 pounds. Then he asked if Macho bites, and they said no.

The carrier didn't really fit under the seat, but Stephanie and Danny had three seats to themselves (aisle and window) and no one came for the middle seat so the flight attendant let them put the carrier on the floor. Macho was quite anxious to get out of the carrier, and the flight was actually early.

So all is well with one exception: Macho won't come out from under the bed. I guess it will take a while for him to appreciate his new digs. And Stephanie was off to the grocery store.


Mary Mc said...

YAY Macho! Taking control of his life again! That's great that he was able to stay with them though. I hope they all love Florida and I'm sure Macho will settle in quickly. It got cold here all of a sudden so the sunny south sounds kind of good.

Barbara said...

Congratulations to Macho (and his parents) for making it to Florida! It can take awhile for a cat to get adjusted to a new place. Having gone through this, I would advise to let him stay under the bed or wherever else he feels safe. He will come out and explore when he feels comfortable. Only thing to watch out for, is to make sure he eats and drinks at least a little bit - because if a cat's electrolytes go down, he needs a vet's attention.

Melissa said...

Oh such good news!!! Yay Macho!! (and Stephanie and Danny too)!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the good wishes. Today, 12/8, I finally got my computer up and running. It has been one hectic ride but we are slowly settling down. Macho has come out from under the bed. He eats and drinks plenty of water. He is exploring and every morning he walks around the pool. (the outside of course). My friends across the yard have a new Bassett Hound. Macho loves dogs and would love to go nose to nose with him but the puppy is very leary. We are hoping that they will make friends.

Anyway, we still have 8 boxes to unpack. We had a total of 37 boxes so we are doing well. We bought a new car yesterday. A Mazda mini van. We just love it.

Take care and thanks for the good wishes...