Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photographic Evidence

I didn't take as many photos as I normally would because I was preoccupied with my email problems... but here's the train on the way to Greenwich. Grand Central was so mobbed, and I did a last minute switch in the ticket line. I was in one line and then changed my mind, and, of course, I should have stayed in my original line.

This is Indian Harbor Yacht Club, coming out the main door, after lunch. It's a beautiful, old club, 100 or more years old. Right on Long Island Sound, of course. It was a gorgeous, mild day. 

This is Aunt Pat in the middle with Karen McClellan on the left and Martha McClellan on the right. We are not suntan -- that's the rather strong late afternoon light. Not a great picture, but you get the point. These are two wonderful -- I want to say "girls" but they are grown up, but still love their Aunt Pat. And I love them. To be sentimental, the first time I saw Karen was when she was just a few weeks old and Mac and Stancie brought her to Oshkosh. We put her on the carpeted floor of the rental house, and there was a vase of cranberry glass that reflected the light and we put it next to her on the floor and she just laid there and looked at it. That doesn't seem like 30 years ago!

And now it's on to Washington DC and dinner at Mary's. Her guests were Emily and her brother and Dave. I'm going to make up captions, since the scenes are so familiar I feel as if I were there so Mary can correct me if I'm wrong.
Here's the table all ready and awaiting two things: the people and the food.

This is Emily examining the turkey and indicating that it's ready to eat!

Here are Emily and Elliot ready to eat -- I am trying to see what the buffet consisted of. I see turkey, Mary's challah bread, mashed potatoes... what else?

Here's Dave, otherwise known as Meredith's husband for those keeping track of all the characters, eating. Dave is explaining the vintage of the wine. Or else, someone said, "this wine is pretty good, what is it?" and Dave is explaining.

When I return from Connecticut, I typically get off at Harlem/125th Street and take a gypsy cab home. Those are unlicensed cabs that are owner-driven. When I asked, the driver told me the charge was $12 which was reasonable, and I gave him $15. I did not think that was being overly generous, but he literally gasped and said, "oooooh lady, thank you." And I got God bless'd -- the works. In a way, it shamed me, even though he was being entirely sincere, that a person could get that excited over three dollars.

However, we did have a good laugh together on 86th Steet. I noticed an encampment of what I thought were homeless people at 86th and Lex -- and just as my mind was forming the question in my mind, "Why are there so many homeless people on this corner?" the driver pointed out to me that these were people camped out in front of Best Buy.

In case any of you are ever crazily tempted to ask me to accompany you outside of a Best Buy for a door opening vigil, the answer is no. I will buy you breakfast afterward and tell you got a great deal, but you're on your own for sidwalk camping.


Mary Mc said...

This was the menu: baked brie topped with chopped pecans and brown sugar, with crackers; green salad with scallions and crab meat and dressing made of cocktail sauce and mayo (it was good), turkey with dressing and gravy made by Emily, mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese, sweet potato casserole with pecans, waldorf salad, broccoli, the bread, pumpkin pie and apple gallette (a free-form pie) with whipped cream. We had proseco and red wine. I think that's it! I just had a turkey sandwich which was yummy. The house smelled so good! I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as we did.

Melissa said...

Dang, next year I'm going to Mary's for Thanksgiving!! Sounds amazing!!!