Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Always Something

Rosanne Rosannadanna was right.

Yesterday was a bad day. Bad for work. Bad for finances. Bad for friends having problems. Bad for dental situations. Bad for weather. Bad for all around stress. Bad for just about everything.

Today I awoke trying to be positive. I had heard on TV how windy it is, and this morning I heard an odd noise coming from my living room as if something had fallen and knocked something over. Of course my first fear is that there's a giant rat that somehow got in. I didn't explore immediately, but I was feeling that it was getting colder inside my apartment. I wrote that off to the temperature dropping outside. When I did get up, I felt a breeze, looked at the garden door which was securely closed. Sometimes if I don't lock it, the wind can blow it open. I didn't see anything amiss until I looked at this small window -- a window I don't know if I ever opened -- and the entire window had fallen forward -- not the pane of glass, but the whole fricking window.

As I said, this is a window I don't ever touch in that it opens to a space between the buildings where it's an alleyway that I don't think there is any access to. So I was able to put the window back in place, but it's not in there correctly, enough though to cut off the blast of cold air. I called my handyman who didn't answer so I just left it as is for now.

Yesterday as I was thinking about everything that was wrong or could go wrong next, it did not occur to me that the next bad thing would be a window falling out, which leads me to remember Rosanne and say, "It just goes to show: It's always something."


Anonymous said...

Add me to that list for friends with problems. Nothing too serious though. Hope Ray shows up soon!


Mary Mc said...

I'm sorry your last couple of days have been so bad. I hope today begins a nice weekend. The positive thing you did for me was to remind me of Rosanne Rosanadana -- such a great source of humor. I'm going to go listen to something she did.

Here's to better days ahead for us all

Mary Mc said...

I did go to youtube and this one is so cute...check it out