Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mary's Snowy DC

here's the back corner of the yard - you can see the pretty red berries in Jill's yard. I think it's pyracantha but I could be wrong.

here's a close look at the deck railing in back of my house - I just like the pattern. There isn't much snow, and I drove safely to a board meeting at 9:30 down by the National's Stadium. The dangerous part, as usual, was getting out of my car and walking a half a block to the office building - the sidewalks and the small side street were covered in ice. For clearing, it's not bad - I guess it's melting on the bottom by the pavement, so you can crack the ice and easily pick up chunks and slide them out of the way. Walking, however, required mindfulness - I sought out patches of crunchy grass and tried to always have something to grab. When I left the meeting around 11:00, the street and sidewalk were fine. We're expecting some rain this afternoon but I think that's about it.

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