Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Getting Older, Getting Better

I'm working with a group of volunteer writers for a project for work. Laughed at the opening paragraph of a piece I just received. This is a woman who started out in Air Force ROTC in 1973 and worked her way up to now she is an international 767 captain for (as they say) a major airline.

Right now I can't recall my specific incident, but something similar happened to me recently and it occurred to me the young girl thought I was some doddering old fool who didn't understand technology. Maybe you can relate to what this woman wrote:

I am at the age now that when the credit card machine at the grocery store misreads my credit card, the young cashier looks at me and says with a huff as though she is speaking to an old woman, “Swipe the card again quickly and press the green button.”  I am just not fast enough for her.  Oh my dear, if you only knew what I have been through.

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Mary Mc said...

I hate that - I've seen them take the card and swipe it themselves. Maybe we can come up with a snappy comeback to say to them?