Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pat's Snowy NYC

Took this around 3pm when it was still snowing a bit. Our accumulation looks about the same as DC. The snow shouldn't last too long, although it is in the 20s now.

This is my artistic photo to match Mary's deck patterns below. This is looking straight up outside my garden door at the fire escapes. For years the people upstairs had a plunger on the fire escape that I got sick of looking at so at least now it's just plants and pots.

This is the ivy which Ray the handyman thinks will survive the winter. So far, it has, but we'll see after this snow.

BONUS PHOTO!! I had this in my camera from this past week when I went out one day. I believe my motivation to take this was "iconic new york images" -- remember the pigeons eating the bagel under the cab? Anyway, we call these "dirty water hot dogs" because the hot dogs are simmering in beige-y, oil slick-y water. When you buy one, the guy sticks this two-pronged fork into the dirty water and stabs one for you.  I don't think I've eaten a dirty water hot dog in more than five years, but I have to say they're good, even if you do wonder where the guy washes his hands.  Or rather, you try not to think about whether the guy washes his hands.

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