Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Baby Ruth?

I had read, and come to believe, that Baby Ruth candybar was named after Grover Cleveland's daughter. As I work my way through this Grover Cleveland book, I read in it today that this may not be so. By the way, when they got married, Grover was 49 and his wife was 21. She remains the youngest First Lady. I had also read implications that his wife was his "ward" -- to make it sound like a sort of creepy Woody Allen-type deal. This book says that his wife was the daughter of a friend, and when the man was dying, he asked Grover to look after his daughter, a mission he took seriously evidently.

Anyway, they did have a daughter named Ruth, but she died years before this candy bar was introduced. What is more likely, according to the author, is that the candy was named for Babe Ruth, popular at the time the candy was launched, and by claiming it was named after the Clevelands' daughter, Nestle was able to cash in on Babe Ruth without paying royalties for the use of Babe Ruth's name. The official Nestle explanation is that the naming is clouded in mystery. Sure it is.

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