Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Stop: Clarion, PA

The torrential rain was supposed to arrive in NYC between 9 and 10 this morning, and I was supposed to pick up the rental car at 10. I woke up at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up at 6:30 and went early to the rental car place, arriving via cab at 7:30. I knew there may be a problem arriving early since I'd seen it happen to other people. They told me I couldn't get my car until 9:30, but I could pay more for a "premium" car -- I believe she really worked on my behalf to get the number down -- she claimed she did it by "overwriting the system" whatever that means and so I decided to pay $126 more than wait two hours. It was sprinkling by that time. I remember being genuinely grateful that I could afford to pay this extra money because I know many people couldn't.

I thought I might have escaped the rain, just drizzles and misting
Leaving Manhattan while it's beginning to rain.

Driving through the sometimes heavy rain

One setting I missed on my new camera was the size setting so these photos were set on the maximum size so they are taking way too long to upload -- let's say endless. So I'll quit for now. The sun eventually came out and all is well. Onward to Ohio.

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