Sunday, May 13, 2012

Five Thoughts

1. For most of my adult life, I always had a "good" purse -- that meant quality leather, fairly expensive. For the past years, I have become out of touch with purse prices and still can't imagine normal women like us spending $300 and $400 on a purse -- and buying multiple purses in that price range. I think the most I ever spent on a purse was $100-$120 marked down for less. I complimented a client's wife once on her purse during a lunch and another wife blurted out that the purse cost $1200. Really? How rich would I have to be to spend that much on a purse?

2. Another procrastination item crossed out. Despite buying a new digital camera... uh two months ago...I have now downloaded the drivers I need from the Internet. It came with a disc, and this computer doesn't have a disc player. My procrastination centers on this self-defeating thought that Panasonic won't have the download, or it won't be the "real" download (whatever that means), or I'll screw up the download or something. But I googled, I found, I downloaded, I tested. Now I'm set and so when I leave on my road trip on Tuesday, you will be blessed with my (potentially) award winning highway and hotel room photos.

3. Despite its being 80 degrees today, my apartment is still cool. This building is about 120 years old, brick and stone, and it keeps its winter coolness for a few weeks until the entire building heats up. This is a pleasant time of year with natural air conditioning -- windows open, cool air inside, nice gentle breeze blowing in.

4. OK, so I still have to throw away my old digital camera which fell off the table, cracking the screen. Has sat in a drawer for weeks now. Along with the charger, cords, etc. Every so often, I turn it on... why? Expecting it to have healed? Does it have any value? Is there anyone anywhere who wants it? Is it environmentally OK to just put it with the regular garbage? I smell Pert Shampoo Conundrum Part 2.

5. I started reading Swamplandia! today, a book that Barbara recycled to me. I appreciate books from friends because they pass on to me books that I would never buy myself, but typically enjoy. This was a NY Times bestseller and I've read two chapters today and am enjoying it.

When I used to commute by subway, I always took note of the varied people, sprinkled throughout the car, all reading the same bestseller, sitting on the subway going to work. All engrossed in the same book.


Anonymous said...

Where are you off to?

Barbara said...

Nowadays most of them have Kindles (or Nooks, or ipads) and you cannot tell WHAT they are reading. Kinda takes the fun out of it... (am I getting old?)