Saturday, May 19, 2012

Heading Home

Finished my work stint around 3, was on the road at 3:13. Hotel was four hours away. Very easy drive, basically the same highway North.

This is the basic view for four hours.

I saw a lot of these fields full of these yellow flowers. Couldn't figure out if it were some sort of crop or just wildflowers. I think it's just some beautiful weed in that I saw a bunch of horses grazing in one of the fields and I don't think they'd allow that if it were a crop. Really lovely sight, though.

This is Columbus, Ohio, which is the exception to the "same view for four hours" rule.

But soon, it's back to the same view for four hours. When I arrived at the exit for my hotel -- at first I couldn't find it, and then when I did, you couldn't get there from here. It was one of those cases where you can see the hotel but can't figure out the road to get there. Then when I finally got to the hotel, I couldn't find the office to check in. Then I saw a sign... "Drive Thru Check in" -- that's something I've never seen before, but it was pretty cool, just like a drive-thru bank where the window/sleeve opens and I put my credit card in there and got back my card with a paper on a clipboard to sign and that was that. This place is pretty much a dump, but it's clean and appears safe. I'm in Medina, Ohio.

Here's the room, and I'm lying on this very bed, right now, typing and soon will be writing a news release.

Here's the rest of the room with a flat screen tv (but not many good channels), the luggage rack, a safe and the sink. The toilet/tub is in a separate room.

And here's the view out my window. That's my car for this week. Onward for seven hours tomorrow and then a fairly quick trip Monday morning to be home. Yes, I could make it in one longer day, but I have finally learned that there are no medals for endurance typically.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo tour. I really enjoy it...Stephanie

Melissa said...

I like the's pretty much a dump, but clean and safe. My idea of a dump must be different than yours :). Travel safe, and you are prizes for endurance in our travels! I'm afraid we're past the marathon age !

Barbara said...

Looks like a nice drive ...enjoy the rest of your trip home!