Saturday, May 12, 2012

How I Drain My Psyche

Today I stopped two psychic drains. It sounds a bit dramatic to say these things sap my energy, but they do and now I'm free.

First was a one dollar bill which somehow got a piece torn off of it completely. I don't remember how it happened. I carried it around in my wallet for a while, noticing it, but always forgetting to take it out to tape it. Finally I did, then I stuck it in a pocket, shirt into the hamper, forgotten about, then into the washer where I discovered both pieces when the wash was done. Then it sat on top of the dryer -- no rush to get it done, but the pieces sat there and every time I'd see them I'd think "Oh, you need to tape those." This goes on for a few weeks.

So finally today was the day. I approached it like a surgeon because I wanted it to be perfect. I used clear packing tape, precisely cut, and I swear you can't really tell it was torn. Now, all I have to do is spend this dollar and it will be out of my life forever -- although I have started wondering how a damaged piece of paper currency actually gets taken out of circulation.

Item #2 is a bottle of Pert shampoo and conditioner I've had in the bathroom I don't use to shower, but guests do. I have spent time wondering why I bought this shampoo since I don't like combined shampoo and conditioner. Maybe someone left it. I never liked it, but then read something -- some sort of beauty tip that wondered how if it's combined can it do either job (washing/conditioning) well.

I know that one Pert bottle has been in that bathroom for years. So my mind drifts to who bought it, how long it's actually been there, does shampoo go bad? Should I take it out? Should I throw it away? Is there an expiration date on it? But it's probably still good blah-dee-blah-dee-blah until I even annoy myself.

Today was the big day for Pert too. When I picked up this shampoo, I was pretty much stunned that it seemed almost empty. No expiration date, but out it went. At the same time, in that bathroom, I have two little soap dishes -- one a friend gave me from Kenya which I really like and one that Michelle gave me which I equally like -- and each one had different little soaps in them and I threw away all the little bits of old soap and put new soap in each.

Let's see... what shall I waste time pondering next?