Monday, June 4, 2012

Gross Thought to End the Day

I was never really that squeamish about the cleanliness of hotel rooms, but have become increasingly more so as the years have gone by -- plus I believe whereas a housekeeper might have spent 15 minutes in a room in years past, she now spends about 5. No more vacuuming, changing sheets, etc.

One of the reality shows I watch is "Hotel Impossible" where a hotel consultant comes in and advises a failing hotel. He is a bear about cleanliness. When he was inspecting an average room on the show tonight, he spies those shiny floewered bedspreads which we've all seen dozens of over the years.

Luckily many hotels, even budget ones, have replaced those bedspreads with an additional top sheet or very light washable spread which is changed (or so I imagine) from guest to guest.

Some people I know practically take tongs to remove those flowered bedspreads. And tonight I learned a good reason to do so. When the consultant talkedto the head of housekeeping about the bedspreads, she says they are laundered FOUR TIMES A YEAR.

He asked her if she were a guest at the hotel what she would do with the bedspread and she said "throw it on the floor."

I really don't even want to think what has accumulated on those spreads after one month, much less two, much less three.


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Oh..geez... That is terrible... Even though not a surprise! Next time I am in a hotel, I'm going for the tongs!!! I never use one for cover but now I don't even want to touch it to remove it!!!!