Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mary's Homecoming Gift

Mary was here in NY for a few days with Barb; we had lunch on Wednesday and had some nice time together. I won't say Mary is bad luck, but it rained the entire time she was here, only to get sunny approximately the time she left.

However, she was greeted on her return home with this gardenia gift in her garden. I love the smell of gardenias. It's an old-fashioned smell to me, and so fresh.


Melissa said...

I can relate toMary's bad luck as I remember my most memorable trip to NYC. I'll have to dig out the photos of the "storm of the century"... I believe that was the headline in the paper. :)

Pat said...

Hmmm... so maybe it is me. I had convinced Melissa to come to NY at Christmas since it's "so beautiful" only to be nearly drowned by rain. That weekend, even the subway closed due to flooding. Even Rockefeller Center was closed because they were afraid the tree was going to topple over.