Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mary's New Project

Looks like Mary is going to take the leap on a project she's talked about for years -- she is going to screen in her side porch. I told her I want to sleep out there one night. In the old days, people had "sleeping porches" and that always sounds so lovely to me.

Funny, but I don't remember how miserable life was without air conditioning. Didn't have it until I was in college. I think of that when I'm driving -- and it's hard to remember how we did thousands of miles with the windows fully open.

Here's from today:
Mary writes: The view from my porch before screening it. It was so pleasant out there with a lovely breeze, disrupted only by bugs as the sun was going down.

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Barbara said...

I had thought it would be my heaven but my screen porch is loved even more dearly by... my cats! They wait and meow to gain access. So look out Mary - Milo will be taking over!