Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Michelle's Globe Trotting Children

Either Michelle's children will do anything to get away from her -- to the point of living in Afghanistan for a year -- or else she has created adventurous, confident offspring -- am not sure which, but here are some photos from her son Greg's European trip. I didn't think you could get that close to the Pope!

Greg writes: We flew in Friday and spent both Friday and Saturday in Milan. We didn't know the pope was going to be in town. We inadvertently 'ran' into him at the big cathedral, going to the opera and leaving the opera. Sunday morning we drove to Lake Como and mostly hung out in Bellagio. {The first photo is labeled Bellagio, and the second is obvious.}

And now, back in Afghanistan, Meredith writes: Photos from the girls madrassas visit before I went on vacation. When I was asked to go to participate, I was expecting to talk with school directors about textbooks and teacher training. Instead it turned out I was part of a 3 woman American goodwill tour addressing students and teachers…

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