Friday, June 1, 2012


There's an old-fashioned family-style restaurant that is near Oshkosh and Fran and I have been there together and it's like being in a time warp. The young girls who are waitresses actually wear white waitress dresses, and it's 1956. I got on the mailing list -- two weeks ago, the newsletter announced "Pie Happy Hour" where all pie was half-priced from 3:30 to 5:30. Nothing like a piece of pie to get you happy.

Over the years, I've gone to the Web site to see what the daily offerings are, and just did that now. So you pick which pie you'd order, and since it's cyber-pie, you can eat as much as you want.

Here are today's pies:

◦HOT MINCE PIE with Rum Sauce
◦PUMPKIN PIE with Whipped Cream

Starting from the top, my first choice would be the raspberry rhubarb pie, with vanilla ice cream.

I like lemon meringue, but I don't like if the lemon is too tart.

Sour cream raisin pie sounds gross, but there's something about it that intrigues me. Might have to take a taste of that one.

Found a photo of actual sour cream raisin pie, and I have to say it looks kinda good.

Dutch apple is an old stand-by -- maybe a small piece with ice cream that may be left over from the raspberry rhubarb.

No on the hot mince -- don't like mince, and don't like rum sauce.

No on the pumpkin; even though I like pumpkin, to me, that's for the fall, not for June 1.

Not too excited on the walnut pie -- prefer pecan -- yes, with either whipped cream or ice cream.

What can I get for you?


Just FYI, here are today's specials. Check out the first one -- told you it is 1956 in this place!

◦SALMON LOAF Topped with Creamed Peas
◦Lightly Hand-Breaded HADDOCK FILLETS


Anonymous said...

I'll have the beef stroganoff and the raspberry rhubarb pie......please! Stephanie

Mary Mc said...

haddock filets with lemon meringue pie. Maybe pumpkin pie as the vegetable...

mmm mmm mmm

Melissa said...

I'll try the sour cream raisin.. Out of curiosity! If I don't like it, I'll go for the Dutch apple w/ ice cream! Thanks!!!

Fran said...

Nirvana! Thank you for the visit Ms Pat. I am sitting on a mountain top eating lemon meringue and Dutch apple pie the latter with mounds of fresh made vanilla ice cream cascading over the warm flaky crust. Fairies emerge from the pine forest bearing steaming platters of beef stroganoff and each of the other main dishes. Dessert follows: more lemon meringue pie. Ohmmmmmmm for the Oshkosh restaurant, where the waitresses also wear hairnets. It's terrific.

Pat said...

When Fran and I were there, I believe we both had a dish called "butter baked chicken" -- draw your own conclusions! And did I mention house-baked yeasty dinner rolls? Mashed potatoes! Pools of gravy!

What's funny is that Fran offered to pay for dinner and put it on her expense account since we had, after all, discussed business... and the total check, including tip, was under the company limit for her own dinner if she had dined alone. Yeah, I'm a cheap date!

Anonymous said...

A cheap - but wonderful - date.

Anonymous said...

I want to go! Now!