Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The local media of course was in heaven with this sudden heat wave, and this morning, early, like 7:30, I was flipping around the stations and each one of the networks had these idiotic "advice" pieces about the heat. Like "wear light clothes" and "drink water." Do people really need to be told when it's in the high 90s you should "wear light clothes"? Thought I'd take out my winter coat in case I got chilled today.

It's like the pre-snowstorm piece where the news guy automatically goes to: 1) home depot to check on shovel and salt sales; 2) the gov't snowplow garage to interview the curmudgeonly driver who says he'll do what needs to be done; 3) the local grocery to find the housewife stocking up on bread and milk and 4) the guy standing by the highway where traffic is flowing but "team coverage" demands that this guy says "Traffic may be flowing smoothly now, Kirk, but in a few hours...."

Am I leaving anything out?

Oh wait, and then there's the hurricane coverage where they show the idiot teenager surfing in storm-tossed seas; same guy goes to a different Home Depot to check on battery and generator sales; same guy goes to a different grocery store to check on milk and bread sales, vacationing white bread family packing up  the beach chairs with their vacation cut short.


Melissa said...

Hysterical!!! I can always count on you for a laugh when I need it!

Barbara said...

Don't forget the Thanksgiving or Christmas travel report, where they "advise" you to leave extra time to get to the airport.