Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Step Forward; Another Step Back

Ray came yesterday and fixed my kitchen lights. Of course, anything in my home is always of the "out of the ordinary" variety. For example, if a gizmo has a little circle in the middle, mine will have a little triangle. If the typical one has three prongs, mine will have four. And the ones with the little triangle and four prongs are always hard to find to replace them making everything way more complicated than it should. Thus it was with this switch, but he fixed it.

In the meantime, though, the crazy wiring in my apartment caused another problem. The circuit that has the kitchen overhead lights on it (but not the outlets or refrigerator) has my downstairs bathroom light and outlets in my bedroom. Was every electrician drunk when they set up these circuits?

What happened has happened to me before. When Ray turned off the circuit in the kitchen to work on the switch, it turned off power to my TV and cable box. When the dust settled and I went downstairs to watch TV, the actual TV had power, but the cable box was dead as a doornail. As I recall, this is some built in defense so that people can't steal cable boxes or something.

Well, it made me face "My name is Pat and I'm a TV addict" -- I am one of those who has the TV on as background at all times, so it seemed terribly quiet all night. I did have some movies that I had bought months ago on the street to watch, one of whom starred Kris Kristofferson whom I have thought was quite the sexy guy since about 1968 and in this movie he plays the old man who comes home to die. He is clearly the doddering old guy. Hey, he is still sexy to me.

My forced withdrawal won't last long. Quite surprisingly I got the first appointment which is 4 to 6 pm today so that's not bad.

Then Ray is coming back next Saturday to fix the last mouse entry point we know about. It's in a closet upstairs. Still haven't seen any bodies, not for a week now.

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Melissa said...

I am so with you on this! I hate being without my TV!