Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cable Restored

...but not without incident. As I mentioned, my appointment was 4 to 6 today and I built my day around that. I had gotten an email saying stay close to the phone because we'll call you and if you don't answer the phone in person to say you're home, we skip you.

Well, you know me and how I take things literally. I kept moving the phone around with me. So around 5:15, the phone rang -- it was Time Warner saying they couldn't keep the appointment and I just went ballistic. Both reacting and observing myself, I realized there was definitely a touch of the addict in my response-- BUT I NEED MY TV FIX!

I know I've pitched fits before, and they never worked in my memory, but this one did. The guy puts me on hold and comes back and says they'll send someone but it will be after 6 pm. I said OK. I had been sitting in a big comfy chair reading a novel, and I dozed off, then awakened by the ringing phone. I have three rings before it goes to voice mail. On the first ring, I woke up, totally startled, where am I? who am I? what day is it? What time is it? On the second ring, I answered all those questions and had to quickly hoist myself up from a low upholstered chair and lunged for the phone on the third ring.

So the technician arrived around 6:40 -- a totally lovely woman who fixed my situation in 10 minutes. She gave me a new remote control and added, "Oh, I programmed it for you." Kiss, kiss (in my mind). I offered her a bottle of water which she took and she was on her way.

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