Tuesday, August 7, 2012

OK Tuesday

Two nice things happened today. I decided my mouse was only a weekend visitor, as he's packed up and left and I haven't seen him since Saturday night. However, I had loads of laundry sorted in front of my washer in the room where I think he gains entry, and I very gingerly sort of poked the laundry on the floor in case he was having a nice little nap but no, he's gone. Please humor me on this.

Yesterday I felt as if my kitchen overhead light switch finally gave up the ghost and there was a buzzing and the lights went out and I thought, OK, time for an electrician. Today the lights wouldn't go on, but just as I was making a sandwich for lunch, the lights went on so I was given another day's reprieve.

It's cooled down; I haven't finished my article that's due tomorrow that I've worn like a millstone around my neck, but I just have to write one more section, a two- or three-sentence beginning and a two- or three-sentence ending and I'm done.

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