Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Step Forward; One Step Back

In terms of my assembly woman or council woman or whoever it is, now everyone is denying that this power outage even happened and I got an email today asking if I had brought this to the attention of my building management -- inferring that it was just my building. I said no and I told them to check with Time Warner since that one night the cable outage was widespread enough that Time Warner had it as an outgoing message from customer service ("If you are calling about...")

But I did call Dollar Rental Car. As you may recall, when I showed up for my car when leaving for Oshkosh, there was no car -- that was the fourth straight time what I had reserved weeks in advance wasn't ready. So I had to scramble around and finally got a car from Budget. I don't know what I expected from Dollar, but I just wanted to lodge my complaint.

To make a long story short, I'm getting two $25 vouchers in the mail. Then when I send it the paperwork showing my final bill from Budget, they will consider refunding me the difference between what I would have paid at Dollar and what I ended up paying at Budget... and it's about $200. He volunteered that so I'll get them faxed to them. Made me glad I called.

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