Friday, August 24, 2012

Tale of Two Covers

I have long been fascinated by book jacket design and in particular what attracts me and what doesn't and how a designer would go about designing a jacket cover. I find some of them so clever. So when I was getting the cover for the lighthouse book I am currently reading (and enjoying), I noted there are two different covers for the same book. I think one must be for the US and one for the rest of the world. I guess I must be an American as I totally hands down prefer the US cover.

To refresh your memory, here it is:

I like the colors, the boldness and the simplicity of this cover.

And here's the other cover which I think is easily ignorable.


I don't like the typeface. I don't like the colors. However I do like the little summary which reads, "From a remote Australian island comes a story of right and wrong and how sometimes they look the same."

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